Dec. 12th, 2010 01:14 pm
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This is a work-in-progress

What is this journal for?
This journal is for posting anonymous polls. I will take requests and then post these polls as anonymous polls, so no-one will ever know who posed the questions and who answered them.

What's the point?
Have you never been curious about something, but never dared to post a poll on it because you thought people would think... strange things about you because of it?

How is anonymity ensured?
Requests can be made in the request post by leaving anonymous comments. Comments there will be screened and will stay screened. Polls will be posted using the "Anonymize poll results. No one can see who voted, not even you" option to ensure anonymity of the voters. That means not even I will see who voted for what option. Likewise, poll posts will allow for unscreened anonymous comments.

What are the limits?
As of yet, I cannot foresee any question that will make me refuse to put up the poll. Th only limitation if the paid account time, so if this takes off, I would be very pleased to receive a few points from time to time :)

Who are you?
Just a girl.

(Comments on this post are not screened - if you wish to leave a private comment, head over here. Please note that if you comment anonymously there, there is no way to get the answer to you without unscreening)



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